4 LinkedIn features that can help your business in 2021

If you were thinking of using LinkedIn as part of your social strategy, now is the perfect time.

This year, the platform released many features that are very useful for brands and businesses looking to grow online, more specifically organic growth.

We see LinkedIn in this very odd stage of having many users but with not so much content being produced. Quite similar to what Facebook was around 2011.

This is a very good opportunity for many brands to make the transition to LinkedIn if they wish to build new audiences and experience organic growth without too much initial investment.

So, here are 4 new LinkedIn features that you might have missed or not considered, as well as our top tip son how to use them to reach new audiences.

LinkedIn feature #1: Reactions or Emojis 😛

Now more than ever, people are using the platform to connect and engage with fellow professionals.

Just like reactions on Facebook, user can now interact to a LinkedIn post by tapping and holding the like button and choosing from a range of different expressions such as: like, celebrate, support, love, insightful, and curious.

These emojis have been specifically designed to connect with LinkedIn’s professional updates in mind. For example, the celebrate emoji is useful for updates on welcoming a new team member, announce a promotion or any other goals that the company has achieved.

This is a great way to increase your LinkedIn exposure while driving genuine interaction for your brand. – the more interactions your posts gain, the more LinkedIn feed your post will reach!

LinkedIn Feature #2 – Polls

Released earlier in 2020, LinkedIn Polls is a cool new feature for driving quick engagement on the platform.

Not matter the topic, casual or professional, polls are an effective way to get a quick pulse check from your professional network.

On top of this, you can even use LinkedIn Polls to spark a conversation with your employees or employees from other companies.

By creating polls, you can track in real time how many votes have been cast, the results so far, and how much time left until the poll closes. Only the creator of the poll can see who has voted and what they voted for.

LinkedIn Feature #3: Live Videos

This year we have seen the true rise of live video with Instagram Live, Zoom Live Calls, Tiktok live video feature and many more.

Creators and brands have shifted to live broadcasts given the social distancing restrictions, which led to many in-person events being cancelled.

LinkedIn Live couldn’t have arrived at a better time, it’s scalable, made specifically for professional events, asking questions, meeting, and leadership announcement.

However, this feature is not available to everyone. To gain access, users need to submit and application form for review.

Once the application has been approved, this feature can bring a lot of benefits, from building communities to brand awareness. Even better, by using a streaming service, you can share the livestream to multiple platforms at once.

LinkedIn Feature #4: Voice Name Pronunciation

Ok, this might not look like a significant feature, but it’s a great way for promoting inclusion in the workplace.

Users can record a 10-second audio clip and add it to their profile, so others can listen to the recording to learn how to correctly pronounce their name.

This is very useful in this day and age where many people come together from different countries and backgrounds that work together and wish to create a good first impression.

It also helps those who struggle remembering people’s names.

You know who you are! 😉

So there you have it, 4 LinkedIn features that have been released throughout 2020 that you may want to incorporate into the social media strategy of your business.

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