Flintstorm's innovative product proves successful

For just over a year now Product Sense have partnered with Flintstorm Interactive to grow their online marketing presence through social media campaigns, website development, and their product design process.

The company had an innovative product named ‘The Quickie Bong’, the world’s first patented DIY building bong kit that can help customers create and personalise their smoking experience.

It is refreshing to see companies like Flinstorm Interactive create and develop new products that can provide a more convenient and seamless smoking experience.

However, bringing a new and innovative product to the market can have many challenges, such as market success and customer adoption which is often difficult to predict.

Product Sense helped Flintstorm Interactive develop its marketing presence and design strategy, thus, significantly growing its audience number on all social media platforms, higher website traffic combined with an improved product design, the company significantly increased its leads.

The case study [attachment] presents an in-depth analysis on the steps Product Sense has taken to help Flintstorm Interactive successfully launch and promote its innovative product to the market.

Flintstorm Interactive Case Study
Download • 3.76MB

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