Product Sense introduces more efficient manufacturing capabilities

Another one of our clients we have been working with is 'Laser Spoke'. They are a company that develop universal fitness monitors with its most recent addition offer of a tracking sensor for cyclists.

The Laser Spoke is a universal digital measuring device that fits the rear wheel of everything from BMX bikes to road racing bicycles. It measures power, passed from your legs onto the drivetrain and wheels of the bike, at the spokes of the rear wheel through a laser-based optical system. The designers chose to use the rear wheel, as they say it acts like a torsion spring, twisting in response to the applied torque. The Laser Spoke measures the amount of twist, to give you a power readout.

Product Sense helped Laser Spoke introduced Chinese manufacturing capabilities for a more affordable and efficient production process.

This benefited Laser Spoke by defining and building the commercialization plan for the company.

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